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the Presence Point

Sarah launches GENUINE, the podcast

Sarah Lipton and co-host Carlton Green

Sarah launches GENUINE, the podcast

After nearly six years, GENUINE is finally launching in January 2021!!

Now is the time to show up and be who you are. The darkness of these times demands that we learn how to spark and ignite with kindness, creativity and inspiration. On GENUINE, the podcast, co-hosts Sarah Lipton and Carlton Green, Ph.D. converse with amazing humans from around the world who are doing just that.

Our guests gift listeners with a beautiful peek into the often-messy but always-real dance of the human journey. We embrace the grumpy, toil with uncertainty, wrestle with discovery and challenge, and celebrate honesty, depth and truth by guiding listeners to be present and gently reflect on their own experience.

At GENUINE, the podcast, founder Sarah Lipton and co-host Carlton Green weave an intricate tapestry of curiosity, insight and discovery through guided meditations and a wide range of interviews with guests Krishna Das, Sharon Salzberg, Kute Blackson, Jim Infantino, and so many more.

Don’t hold back from being yourself anymore, come and join us at GENUINE, the podcast, a production of GENUINE, Inc.

Each episode includes a definition of genuine by one of our community members. Join us there, and you too can be part of the podcast!

Stay tuned on new episodes by visiting Sarah's website!