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the Presence Point

petals in the hand by Sarah Lipton

With The Presence Point, you, your company, or your team embarks on a multi-phased process to create a thriving culture by developing a flourishing, impactful leadership team. Not only will you be able to deliver on your mission and prosper, but your leaders will also have a profound impact on society.

The solutions we offer combine co-created innovative contemplative training and leadership empowerment strategies:

  • Contemplative Guidance: Strengthen, deepen and nurture your ability to look within so you can manifest impact externally
  • Innovative Leadership Mentoring: Access integral support for your process of transformation, whether in life, business or career
  • Strategic Transition Support: Discover your potential and unlock your inner spark as you plot out the necessary steps to navigate a life, business or career transition
  • Organizational Culture Development: Identify, create & advance your company’s culture through a co-created contemplative leadership development program
  • Meeting or Retreat Facilitation: Show your team you care by bringing us in to design contemplative components for your meetings and retreats that empower everyone in the room
  • Workshops: Accelerate your team’s success by targeting the crucial leadership skills they need
  • Collaboration on Projects: Play with us in co-creation and design the impact of your dreams

*As a pending B-Corporation, we are committed to purchasing products that support our services only from local and independent suppliers.

Unlock your path of leadership. Be prepared for transformation. Take a leap.