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Success  Delight at Work

Success = Delight at Work

Sarah Lipton presents keynote address to Professional Financial Associates' (PFA) annual meeting

PFA is unique in the financial services industry in Vermont - they value genuine presence in their work-life balance. This is in large part thanks to the vision of their key managing partner, Tim Monty.

To start the year off on the right foot, Tim decided to bring in Sarah Lipton of The Presence Point to present to their annual meeting so she could help inspire the team with these key values: leadership self-empowerment, connection to the "why" and cohesion amongst the team.

Sarah's presentation inspired the team with accessible practices that focus on the innate nature of empowering oneself to be present. The team discovered that they are each a leader of their role, and to do good work, all they have to do is show up no matter what is at hand. There is no need, as it turns out, to judge oneself harshly or try to avoid conflict.

By creating human moments to check in and pause, there is natural connection with the larger team, and each individual has the opportunity for reflection and connection, which gives rise to understanding and insight. When connected to their role, each team member has ownership and pride in executing good work.

When a team can connect to their mission, or "why," then every action is an expression of larger purpose. Success comes with the cohesion of the team, which happens through inner connection. When each team member is centered in their own role, each taking their seat of leadership from self-empowerment, then connection to the mission is achieved and the work that goes forward is not only beneficial but delightful!

True success, then, is work that is delightful.

If you or someone you know is looking for a burst of inspiration to start your company's year off right, Sarah is available for these kind of keynote presentations! Just reach out: