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the Presence Point

ziji to deliver business management solutions

ziji to deliver business management solutions

Lipton, Silva and Shouldice Deliver Leadership Development, Organizational Resiliency, Reputation Management Solutions

The collaboration known as ziji is working to shine a light on business self-empowerment

Montpelier, VT (July 12, 2018) – Today, Sarah Lipton of The Presence Point, LLC, Arlene Silva of ContinuityWorks, LLC and Shawn Shouldice of Capital Connections, LLC, announced the formation of ziji which is a collaboration of their individual expertise to comprehensively deliver Leadership Development, Organizational Resiliency and Reputation Management solutions to businesses and their leaders.

ziji’s mission is to shine a light on business self-empowerment in the areas of culture refinement, business continuity and internal and external communications.

“ziji offers a perfect collaboration of services for most businesses, whether small well-funded start-ups or larger more mature organizations. Sarah delivers on her business name, The Presence Point, by guiding clients through a multi-phased leadership development process to help them articulate their mission and build a culture that thrives. Arlene specializes in mentoring, training, and providing facilitation services to help clients proactively manage potential risks and protect from loss. My work with clients focuses on building credibility by clearly communicating their mission, culture and call to action in a transparent and accountable manner,” explained Shawn Shouldice of Capital Connections, LLC.

ziji offers customized, integrated, and comprehensive programs through mentoring, coaching, and consultation. ziji can be retained to provide hands-on support, facilitate program planning and implementation, or on a project-by-project basis.

“What we deliver cuts across an entire organization: improving how the organization’s culture aligns to its mission and vision; increasing productivity and effectiveness; identifying, mitigating or resolving chronic operational issues; and implementing customized communications plans and public relations strategies to cultivate and enhance an organization’s reputation and brand strength. It’s really that simple. It’s about leadership, people, and how the client is perceived in their community. That’s why we formed ziji,” said Arlene Silva of ContinuityWorks, LLC.

“Flexibility in ziji’s service offerings is what’s so unique about working with us. We’re interested in clients who are committed to implementing leadership empowerment skills, preparing for and protecting from loss or disasters, and enriching their relationship with employees, customers, vendors, and whole communities to that sets them apart from competitors,” shared Sarah Lipton of The Presence Point, LLC.

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