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Marketplace Success Story: The Presence Point

Featured on the VBSR website:

Sarah Lipton of The Presence Point started using the Marketplace immediately after joining VBSR in 2014. She’s found new clients, spent Trade Dollars with new vendors and found a new collaboration… She says:

“Initially, I was just looking for a new client through the marketplace, trying to find a way to support the launching of my business. With Trade Dollars earned, I was looking for editorial support on the book I had just finished writing.

Amy connected me with a possible vendor: longtime VBSR member, Lee Purcell of Lightspeed Publishing. Lee and I had our first conversation in January, and within about 5 minutes, we were no longer talking about just editing – we were talking about launching a podcast.

I’d been dreaming about making a podcast for years, but never had the right support. Lee quickly became my podcast dialogue partner and audio editor, and I worked as Lee’s leadership mentor. Nine months later, I have a podcast team, logo and mission, and I’m ready to start recording interviews!

But something else happened through our weekly conversations over the course of all these months: we built a richly varied collaboration. Lee is now working more in line with his vision of creativity and I am now launching a brand-new audio narration career (which I had not dreamed of until talking with Lee in the spring).

And, I am delighted to announce that our two businesses are coming together to offer a collaborative marketing service to VBSR members through the Marketplace. More information will be coming soon about our offer, but I really want to thank Amy (Kirschner, Marketplace Manager) for her support and wisdom in connecting us. Our weekly dialogue keeps our fires lit and we are thriving far more productively than we ever could on our own.”

We’re thrilled that these two VBSR members were able to both grow and improve their own businesses and then used that momentum to launch a new offer to help other members! Look for their new offer soon.

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