the Presence Point

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German Peonies

Leadership Mentoring for Today’s Emerging Leaders

What would it be like to live an embodied life? How can we open up to possibility and reside in a position of leadership with genuine, grounded vision?

The path of leadership demands that we show up with every fiber of our being.

In order to do this, we must learn to be present with our experience so that we can relate directly and genuinely with the environment and systems around us. When our relationships are grounded in things as they actually are, we can take our seat fully in the center of our path of leadership.

Every action and communication that is expressed arises from a place of possibility and vision instead of fear and doubt.

Following is a narration of one of the key themes of the Presence Point: Living Seasonally

By meeting innovative, creative leaders in a space of wisdom and heart, Sarah Lipton guides her clients to be present, embody their experience and tap into their core motivation. Learn more about her unique process by clicking here.