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About Sarah

About Sarah

photo by Britten Leigh

Sarah Lipton has been serving in leadership roles for over twenty years and has worked with numerous groups on navigating all the challenges of working as a team. Sarah’s training stems from her history of leadership coupled with a deep contemplative journey that focuses on strengthening and empowering one’s innate confidence in order to take one’s seat in a role of leadership. Through her business, The Presence Point, Sarah has consolidated all of her training and experience into the role of leadership mentor, working with both individuals and organizations who wish to empower themselves from the inside-out. She does this by applying her skills of deep listening, seeing patterns, recognizing the limitlessness of possibility, and creating curriculums that guide her clients on a journey through which they can see for themselves what transformational choices to pursue.

Sarah's passion for leadership mentoring stems from a long history of being drawn to leaders and leadership roles. In her early years, Sarah was an orchestral tuba player. The role of the tuba is to hold the foundation of the orchestra, supporting the lead players by grounding the harmonies and resonance. Over the last twenty years, Sarah has continued that trajectory by becoming a Shambhala Buddhist Minister and holding leadership and teaching roles in the international Shambhala organization, learning the intricacies of how to lead and how to support other leaders embody their roles.

Sarah has been a meditation practitioner since 1996 and a student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche since 2000. She completed four years as the Shambhala Times Editor-in-Chief and she has a degree from Naropa University entitled Embodied Systems. After living in Nepal for a year, Sarah spent four years helping to run the Shambhala Meditation Center of Boston, followed by two years living at Karme Choling. In 2015, she launched The Presence Point so that she could follow her passion of serving leaders in a more formal way.

Besides raising her two young daughters, Odessa Rose and Indigo Poppy, Sarah enjoys working in her garden and quilting. Sarah is also hard at work on a series of books about leadership as well as producing her forthcoming Podcast: Genuine. Through her business, she also spends her time mentoring leaders, leading workshops on embodiment and creative process and supporting organizations develop a culture of kindness. She served as Secretary/Treasurer for her local BNI Chapter for one year and is an active member of her chapter as a Visitor Host, is a member of the Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility networking organization and Vermont's Main Street Alliance, a policy organization. She serves Shambhala currently as Communications Officer for the Shabchi Corps, the international group of women who serve as attendants to the Sakyong Wangmo, Khandro Tseyang. Sarah lives with her husband Scott Robbins (who works for Circus Smirkus) and daughters in a beautiful home high on a hill in north-central Vermont.